The Timeseed Project

What if it was possible to communicate with the future?

We hear the voices of the past everyday. They leave us cave paintings, myth, tomes, architecture, artwork, music, and film. But most often they do not speak to us. We overhear the tattered and fading echoes of their conversations to each other.

The inhabitants of the past may speculate about us. Pronounce to us in passing. They futilely warn us about destructive behavior. But rarely do they talk directly to us.

It is our inevitable fate to become residents of the past. If we embrace this undeniable truth, cold as it is, we can speak through time. By leaving thousands of simple ultra-durable objects in the most remote of places we can insure they are found hundreds of years later.

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Global Distribution of Timeseed Coins

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The goal of the Time Seed Project is the global distribution of iconographic ultra durable ceramic coins into remote locations, with the hope that they will be discovered and their creator pondered long after death.

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